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A super cover letter can help bowl over a potential employer

Huddle up. There are two minutes left on the clock, youíre down by six and you have the ball. In other words, your job search has been dragging on for months, youíre worried about re-establishing your college diet of ramen noodles and youíve just spotted the job of your dreams. How do you set yourself apart from every other job seeker out there?

Start with the cover letter, says Bonnie Phoenix, a senior consultant with the Opportunities Group, a recruiting firm in Chicago. "Itís your first foot in the door, your first chance to make a good first impression," Phoenix says.

So ignore the urge to send something on neon green paper, forget about the Pokemon stationary and pay attention to Phoenix, who suggests the following cover letter doís and doníts:

Ineligible Receiver

First and foremost, check grammar and spelling in the letter as well as the spelling of the person you are addressing. There is nothing worse than misspelling the company name or the person who you are addressing.

Delay of Game

Be brief. Mention a few key details of your experience that coincide with the job you are applying for. It is crucial to target only relevant information to that specific job or company to whom you are sending your resume.

Unsportsmanlike conduct

Donít state in your letter that you are the perfect match for the job. You canít possibly know that until youíve gone on an interview, so it would appear presumptuous.

Out of bounds

Donít spend too much time formulating a long detailed letteróthe resume is what the recruiter will focus on.


Use the cover letter to mention a few intangible characteristics that describe you or a particular accomplishment that is not mentioned on the resume if you feel it would be applicable.


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