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Pfizer, Inc.
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Three iii.Inc.
Organogenesis, Inc.
Boston Scientific
Microvasive Urology
Sage Medical
Aspect Medical
Caremark, Inc.
NuVasive, Inc.
Centerpulse, Inc
Marine Polymer Technologies, Inc.
Photomedics, Inc.
Weck Surgical
Cohesion Technologies, Inc. 
Johnson & Johnson
Ethicon EndoSurgery
Ethicon, Inc.
Mitek, Inc.
Gynecare, Inc.
Inlet Medical, Inc.
Northpoint Domain
Bauerfeind USA
Optical Dynamics, Inc.
Medtronic, Inc.
CryoLife, Inc.
MTF, Inc.
ProCyte Corporation
Teleflex Medical
Zimmer Dental
Medical Treatment Systems



At Richard Moorhead & Associates, LLC (RMA), we believe that the first step towards providing the corporate client with the superior level of service that it expects is to invest a significant amount of time to properly assess the needs of the company. It is this understanding of a companyís needs that permits us to enjoy a high degree of success within the industry.

Initially, we will review with your firm the overall scope of the search project. This includes an assessment of the number of individuals you will need together with an understanding of the time frame over which you anticipate the positions being filled. It is critical to our relationship that both sides have a mutual understanding with respect to the time frame necessary for the implementation of the job order. A timeline must be developed that will both fulfill your needs and may be confidently represented by us as being attainable. RMA prides itself in developing and maintaining credibility with its clients.

We will meet with the appropriate people in your firm in order to ensure the success of the relationship. A significant amount of time will be spent interfacing with those that will be doing the hiring and supervision. RMA will obtain a comprehensive understanding of the requirements of the position/s. This includes an assessment of the skill levels and experience required to perform the tasks to the levels of competency your firm dictates.

RMA, will, together with your people, assess your companyís requirements and prioritize them. The areas determined to be of critical need will receive the primary attention in the recruiting efforts. The initial focus will be on locating and placing sales representatives in the exact location the client desires.

One of the most important aspects of the above is your budget. There are many factors contemplated by a candidate when considering a new position, however, compensation always ranks near the top. We will review your hiring budget and determine the adequacy of the resources allocated by you to achieve your goal. There is a direct relationship between compensation offered and the quality of the candidate presented.


The first step in the recruitment process is locating the candidates. RMAís database is growing daily. With over thirty years of management experience in the healthcare industry, our contacts are almost limitless. Our database has been developed by our professionals during years of specializing in this industry. Our contacts are those sales professionals who are currently employed and doing a very good job for their current company. They are interested in getting to the next level of professional sales.

As a result of our presence at industry conferences and tradeshows we always have our finger on the pulse of news regarding new product developments, start-up companies, etc. Perhaps, most important however, is the reputation we have developed among the recruits. Our professionals have treated our candidates with the utmost care and as a result, a large part of our database and contacts originates from referrals of prior recruits. Finally, in addition to our in-house staff of professionals, RMA has developed a network of recruiters nationwide, who have been contracted for the purpose of developing a broad-based pipeline of potential candidates.

Once the candidate is located, the recruiting process actually begins. RMA familiarizes itself with the potential candidates and prescreens them for the company. RMA determines the position the candidate may be best suited for and represents the company in extolling to the candidate the benefits of the company and of the particular sales position.

Finally, when RMA determines that the candidate is ready, we present the candidate to the company for your review and consideration. We assist in coordinating the interview process and we serve as the exclusive contact between your firm and the candidate. Once your company determines to hire that individual, we will assist your firm, to the extent desirable, in designing the appropriate compensation package and convey the formal offer of employ to the individual, on your behalf. RMA continues to play an active role in the recruitment of that individual and will do so until you choose to terminate the recruitment process for the candidate/s. RMA is proud of the success rate of our professionals with over two-thirds of the candidates presented by our professionals hired by our clients.


RMA charges fees that are calculated as a percentage of the first yearís salary for the candidate. Where the primary form of compensation is other than salary, such as in the example of a salespersonís commission, the fee is negotiated on an individual basis. All fees are contingency based and are payable only when the search is successful.

There are several factors in determining the percentage used to calculate the fee. One determining factor is the size of the contract or job order. Larger contracts are afforded the benefits of a more competitive fee. Additionally, consideration is given when RMA is given the rights to exclusive representation of the client. RMA invoices the fee for each candidate on the employment commencement date.

In addition to the above, from time to time, RMA may incur expenses as a result of the request of your firm. These expenses, which will always be pre-approved by your firm, may include travel, lodging, meals and car rental expenses. These expenses will be invoiced on a periodic basis.


RMA will guarantee the placement of all candidates for a period of (30) days. If the employee is terminated prior to his (30) day anniversary, RMA will replace the candidate for no fee. Pre-approved expenses will be billed as above. This guarantee does not apply if the position is eliminated due to downsizing.

More important than our financial guarantee is our promise of service. Richard Moorhead & Associates, LLC is committed to providing the highest quality, professional service to healthcare industry professionals and to the firms who employ them. We will provide our clients with a fair and objective assessment of our abilities to service their needs in the time frames that are dictated by the task at hand. When we work with either the candidates or the companies that we represent, our professionals are committed to honesty, integrity and confidentiality.


Richard Moorhead & Associates, LLC does not discriminate in the hiring or promotion of any minorities, as designated by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission of the United States of America, and does not discriminate against any person or persons on the basis of race, creed, age, color, sex, national origin or handicap.


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