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Hiring Companies:
Pfizer, Inc.
Olympus America, Inc.
Synthes Spine
Circon ACMI
KCI, Inc.
Three iii.Inc.
Organogenesis, Inc.
Boston Scientific
Microvasive Urology
Sage Medical
Aspect Medical
Caremark, Inc.
NuVasive, Inc.
Centerpulse, Inc
Marine Polymer Technologies, Inc.
Photomedics, Inc.
Weck Surgical
Cohesion Technologies, Inc. 
Johnson & Johnson
Ethicon EndoSurgery
Ethicon, Inc.
Mitek, Inc.
Gynecare, Inc.
Inlet Medical, Inc.
Northpoint Domain
Bauerfeind USA
Optical Dynamics, Inc.
Medtronic, Inc.
CryoLife, Inc.
MTF, Inc.
ProCyte Corporation
Teleflex Medical
Zimmer Dental
Medical Treatment Systems

Information and Tips

bulletThe cover letter - GAME FACE; A super cover letter can help bowl over a potential employer

bulletThe resume ... 
bullet Prepare Your Resume
bulletDo's and Don'ts of Resume Writing
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bulletResume Formatting
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bulletThe following is a list of example resumes:
(click on the following MS Word documents)
bulletMarketing Resume
bulletSales Manager
bulletSales Representative
bulletSales Resume Objective: Your Branding Statement
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bulletHow to get the Recruiter to read YOUR Resume
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bulletThe interview ...
bullet "Where The Rubber Meets The Road" 
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bulletMore on interviews - Suggested books on Interviewing
bulletAdditional Interview Tips:
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bulletBehavioral Event Interview I
bulletBehavioral Event Interview II
bulletQuestions & Answers for the Interviewee
bulletQuestions to ask the Interviewer
bulletCompensation Questions to Ask During the Interview
bulletInterview Etiquette
bulletWhat signals does your body language send
bulletDressing for Interview Success
bulletThe Phone Interview
bulletHow to Ace the Phone Interview
bulletPhone Screen Questions Asked by Sales Managers
bulletTen Ways to Wreck a Medical Sales Interview
bulletExplaining Job-Hopping & Employment Gaps

bulletKey Competencies Grid

bulletThe Counteroffer
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bulletReading Material...
bulletThe Candidate Prep Package, A Guide to Successful Interviewing; by Britt Bloch, Dorrance Publishing Company

bulletMedical and Pharmaceutical Sales: How to land the job of your dreams; by Nikki Kerzic go to www.medicalsale.com to order. 

bulletThe Six Steps of the Sales Process
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bulletOther information

90 Day Sales Plan Examples
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bulletExample #1-90 Day Sales Plan 
bulletExample #2-90 Day Sales Plan 
bulletExample #3-90 Day Sales Plan 
bulletExample #4 90 Day Sales Plan 
bulletExample #5 90 Business Plan
bulletExample #6 90 Day Sales Management Sales Plan



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